Active-duty soldiers to march in San Diego gay pride parade


For the first time in history, active-duty members of the U.S. military will march in San Diego's gay pride parade, which is slated to take place on July 16. Around 200 active members of the military, as well a number of veterans will don t-shirts that indicate which branch of service they are involved in, according to San Diego's 10 News.

"To my knowledge [it will be] the first time in the history of Pride in the United States, ever, that we have said 'Active duty, you are welcome,'" organizer of the parade Sean Sala told the news source. "We want you to be there without fear of repercussions, because we love you."

Sala, a member of the Navy, took many steps to make sure that the parade was aligned with military protocol. This is the main reason that the military members will not be in uniform, as that would be a violation of regulations.

The military has been undergoing sweeping changes since the overturn of the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy. According to The Christian Science Monitor, the Pentagon has said that sensitivity training among troops has been going very well.

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