Army announces renewable energy task force


Higher fuel prices have affected just about everyone, and the Army has not been spared. In an effort to reduce the impact of rising costs, officials have created the Energy Initiatives Office (EIO) Task Force to focus on a way to make use of renewable energy.

The campaign is expected to be fully underway by September 15, and will join a number of ongoing projects already operated by the Army. Among them is a solar-energy project in southern California that hopes to cover a landmass roughly the size of Manhattan, Army News Service reports.

The eventual goal of the project is for the Army to obtain energy security, which means the branch would still be able to operate if the national grid goes down. In order to do so, the Army will need a $7.1 billion investment over the next decade.

"Addressing our energy security needs is operationally necessary, fiscally prudent and vital to mission accomplishment," Secretary of the Army John McHugh said.

To achieve its goal the EIO Task Force will begin to reach out to private companies to form mutually beneficial partnerships. 


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