Army gets new physical fitness test


The physical fitness test is an important part of Army training, and officials are ready to implement a few changes. Military officials conducted more than 10,000 tests and looked at a significant amount of data before altering the events, and the changes should be in place by October, Army Times reports.

Some of the components will stay the same. The two-mile run, for instance, will still be there, even though some wanted to drop it back to a mile and a half. Additionally, some officials had considered testing upper body strength through pull-ups, but after there was a disparity between the scores of men and women, they decided to stay with push-ups.

"If we did the pull-ups, it would disadvantage the female soldiers, and I'm just not comfortable with that," Maj. Gen. Richard Longo told the publication.

The other events include a one-minute rower, 60-yard shuttle run and standing long jump, with the latter two activities being scored on a pass/fail basis. Previously, the test had been comprised of just three events, the two-mile run, push-ups and sit-ups.


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