Army to cut NCOs starting in April


As the Department of Defense looks to make budget cuts, the Army recently announced how it plans to do its part. The branch is going to start reducing the number of non-commissioned officers (NCO) starting in April by first looking at soldiers ranked staff sergeant and above, Stars and Stripes reports

Although the details are still being ironed out, officials say that there will be three criteria to determine who will be separated from active duty. The first will investigate whether an NCO's performance, conduct and advancement potential is up to the standards of the Army. The second and third will apply to people who are in a job that may be overstaffed.

"In light of this decision, the Army is analyzing the requirements of future force in a time of decreased resources to determine the overall makeup of the force, to include the disposition of all Army capabilities and units," Army spokesman Paul Prince told the publication.

The decision comes on the heels of the passing of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Bill, which is expected to cut defense spending by about $465 billion over the next decade, according to The State Column.


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