Executive order aimed at helping veteran students


The Post-9/11 GI Bill provided some of the best education benefits for returning soldiers, but it also attracted the attention of unscrupulous colleges looking to take advantage of veterans. In an effort to stop the deceptive practice, President Barack Obama signed an executive order on Friday to address the issue.

The problem stems from the fact that some for-profit colleges and universities would reach out to veterans and encourage them to apply for institutional loans rather than more affordable Federal student aid. Additionally, the White House claims some schools engaged in misleading recruitment practices at military installations. Although Congress is discussing legislation to target the problem, Obama felt it necessary to act.

"We have a sacred trust with those who serve and protect our nation," the White House said in a release. "It's a commitment that begins at enlistment, and it must never end."

Specifically, the order will help make sure veteran students are given all the necessary information by requiring schools to have a transparent recruitment process and divulge all financial aid options.

Obama also hopes to put a stop to certain recruitment practices that have sprung up over the last several years. In particular, the order encourages the Department of Veterans Affairs to register the term "GI Bill" so no other schools can use it and disseminate misleading information about its benefits.


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