Navy raises physical fitness standards


The physical fitness requirements of the Armed Forces have always been stringent, but this week the Navy's standards got a little bit tougher. Stars and Stripes reports that sailors who do not meet body fat requirements will automatically fail their bi-annual physical fitness test.

Sailors are tested twice each year to assess their physical fitness through activities such as sit-ups, push-ups and running. They are also tested for body composition by taking measurements of the waist and limbs which are designed to determine the levels of excess weight.

"Failing the [body composition assessment] portion of the [physical fitness assessment] is an overall PFA failure," the Navy said in a release. "Members who fail the BCA or are medically waived from the BCA, shall not participate in the physical readiness test."

The change in policy comes shortly after the Army revised its physical fitness test for the first time since 1980. Instead of the previously used two minutes of push-ups, two-minutes of sit-ups and a two-mile run, soldiers now have to complete a number of other tasks including a 60-yard-shuttle run, standing long jump and one minute rower.

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