Soldiers may use smartphones starting in the summer


The Army has been working tirelessly to design smartphones that soldiers can use in the field, and their efforts are about to pay off. Officials believe that troops will be able to use the devices starting as early as next summer, Military Times reports.

One of the final hurdles, the Android operating system receiving approval from the National Security Agency, is almost cleared. When use of the new devices is implemented it will provide servicemembers with a number of new advantages including connecting them to mission command computer systems.

"When we're able to do that, not if, that opens up the door for much greater usage of the phones by soldiers," Mike McCarthy, the director of the mission command complex of the Future Force Integration Directorate at Fort Bliss, told the publication. "It allows us to build apps that feed those systems and pull things out of them, and that gives soldiers incredible capabilities."

Smartphones are certainly not the only advancements being used by the Armed Forces. According to NPR, the Navy is making use of green technology including non-fossil fuels.


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