Troops in Afghanistan get new weapon


Soldiers in Afghanistan recently received a new weapon that should give them a significant leg up on the battlefield. The shoulder-mounted Carl-Gustaf is capable of destroying targets that are located behind trees, rocks and buildings, Army News Service reports.

The device was created as a way to provide servicemembers with a better way to respond to certain threats from the insurgency, but most importantly to defend against rocket propelled grenades. Perhaps the greatest asset of the Carl-Gustaf is its airburst capability, which means its rounds can be programmed to explode at a certain point in their trajectory.

The weapon has a number of other features that make it a great fit, including thermal sight and the ability to fire six different types of rounds. Though it has only been used sparingly so far, the early returns have been good.

"Thus far, the weapon has been very effective," Bhuvanesh Thoguluva, one of the men behind the development of the Carl-Gustaf, told the news source.

Although weapons technology certainly plays a large role in the Army, these are not the only advancements being made. According to Digital Trends, the military has been working on developing two solar-powered Humvees as part of a larger effort to go green.


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