Veterans groups meet with White House as debt deadline looms


As the standoff in Washington continues over the debt ceiling, veterans groups met with White House officials recently about what might happen to benefits if deal isn't reached by the August 2 deadline. According to the Associated Press, the news may not have been as positive as they had hoped.

President Obama told the representatives in attendance that he could not guarantee that payments, including Social Security checks and benefits for the disabled, would go out on time if a compromise is not reached.

On Monday night, Obama addressed the country about the importance of reaching out to their Congressmen and Senators to tell them to come to a deal.

However, despite Obama's pleas, veterans officials are concerned that the White House has not been exactly forthcoming about its plans.

"There haven't been clear messages from the White House and Congress about who will get paid and when," Paul Rieckhoff, the executive director of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, told the AP. "That's why there's so much anxiety and concern."


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