Thank you for choosing to apply for the AnimalSafe (Action For Animals and Morris) MasterCard credit card.

The application process is simple:

  1. If you haven't already reviewed the important Disclosures about the rate, fee and cost information about this credit card, please do so before continuing.

  2. Click a button below to choose the card you want.

    Action for Animals MasterCard

    Morris MasterCard

  3. Click the link below to view a directory of Animal Orginizations. Choose the organization you want to support and enter their three-digit or four-digit code here:
    View Directory of Animal Organizations

    If the animal organization you want to support isn't listed, please leave the code of 2122 shown above and e-mail us at, or call us toll free at 1-800-545-5885 to request participation. To add your organization, we'll need the name of the organization, their phone number (with area code), a contact person, their e-mail address and web site address (if any).

  4. The next page you see will be the login screen to begin your application. Your choice of card will appear as a four-digit code in the Tracking Code box. Your choice of animal orginization is captured elsewhere and is not part of this code. Please disregard all other Tracking Code instructions on the login screen.