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Getting Married

You've made the commitment to share your lives together, now you need to ensure that your lives are secured well into your retirement years.

Take time with your partner to account for your current joint financial standing and to discuss your goals. Then, visit our comprehensive Financial Planning Guide, which offers a step-by-step plan to get you started.


A shared life also means a shared responsibility for managing finances in accordance with your goals.

Make sure you and your spouse, or spouse to be, discuss a plan for managing your bank accounts in a way that best fits your financial planning goals.

Once you're married, sign up for a separate or joint checking account. 


Becoming a financially successful family, starts with a plan and a shared desire to make it work.

Whether you're investing for a house, addition to the family, or your retirement, we know you demand convenience and flexibility.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important part of investment planning for married couples.

Since 1947, AFBA has been helping families secure their futures with quality life insurance products.

We offer varied and specific term products based on your needs so that you can get a good start on life, without worrying about its end.

Health Plans

The health costs surrounding injury or illness can be catastrophic to a family's finances. After you are married you should take time to review your individual health coverage to ensure you're properly protected.