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Having a Baby

Becoming a parent is one of the most exhilarating and exciting events one can experience in a lifetime, but it doesn't have to be the costliest.

With sound financial planning, you can help ensure a smooth transition into parenthood while securing your child's future transition to adulthood.

AFBA's line of insurance, investment and banking products are tailored to fit your family planning needs, helping to identify and meet the costs of your child's first diaper through their first day of college.

Our comprehensive Financial Planning Guide offers a step-by-step outline to help you begin planning your family's financial future.

Life Insurance

You want to provide for your child for years to come, but if for some reason you or your spouse is unable to do so, you want the comfort of knowing your child will be financially secure into adulthood.

AFBA life insurance products offer a wide range of cost-effective options for coverage against loss, and choosing your plan early will help keep the costs even lower.


At 5Star Bank we know when managing a growing family, time and money are precious. To give you more free time with your loved ones and less worrying about finances, we offer a range of secure, convenient and competitive banking options to help you bank in a way that best fits your family's needs.

5Star Bank consistently receives the highest ratings for financial strength from the leading bank rating services, and deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,000.

Our checking account provides you with free online banking, bill pay and e-statements so that you can bank wherever and whenever you need to. 

To begin earning interest on your money, open one of our 5Star Bank zero-minimum balance savings accounts for as little as $100.

College Planning

One of the most rewarding gifts parents can give to their children is the gift of education. But with many college's tuitions rising faster than inflation annually, paying for your child's education requires planning and dedication. From flexible money market accounts to guaranteed rates on our range of certificates of deposit, 5Star Bank's extensive line of savings options provide you with the freedom of choice in your college financial planning.

Major Purchases

With a growing family, come increased needs and growing expenses.

5Star Bank offers several products tailored to your needs so you can plan ahead for major purchases. From the house your child grows up in, to the home where you retire, we are with you all the way.