Auto racing fans who are used to seeing the Army's logo around the track may be in for a surprise. The Army has sponsored several cars over the last 10 years but that is about to come to an end. As a bill moves toward Congress aimed at eliminating sports sponsorships, the Army officially terminated its relationship with NASCAR, The Associated Press reports.

The largest reason behind the elimination of sponsorships is a desire to cut costs. The Department of Defense has been looking to limit spending wherever possible, and Rep. Betty McCollum, says the decision was the right one to make.

"The Army made the right move to eliminate a wasteful program and protect taxpayer dollars – which has been my goal all along," she told the AP.  "Congress is facing a very difficult budget environment, and I want taxpayer dollars protected, even at the Pentagon."

While the business relationship may be over, the two groups are closely linked, and NASCAR often honors military families and soldiers at its events. Furthermore, there is still a relationship between the National Guard and racing star Dale Earnhardt Jr., according to Military Times.