As every branch of the military moves toward energy efficiency, the Army is playing a significant role in the process. The number of non-tactical vehicles and those with low gas mileage have been on the decline over the last three years, which is indicative of the shifting priorities of the Armed Forces, according to Army News Service.

Non-tactical vehicles include everything from trucks, tractors and ambulances, and have declined considerably since 2009. The current total stands at around 74,000, which is down from the peak number of 82,600 three years ago.

There has also been a significant drop in the number of gas guzzlers in the Army. Many of the low mileage cars have been replaced by vehicles that are either more fuel efficient or powered by electric or hybrid technology. In fact, the cost of maintaining the fleet dropped by more than $50 million since 2009, the news source reports.

The impressive strides are not the only improvements being made by the military when it comes to going green. Among the most recent initiatives was a $9.6 million solar power renewable energy project, which began in August at Utah’s Tooele Army Depot.