The Department of Defense has had to make highly publicized budget cuts as a result of sequestration, and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel recently spoke at the annual Veterans of Foreign Wars conference about the challenges of operating under reduced spending. Specifically, he said the Pentagon will have to dramatically reshape the way it approaches its mission in the coming years, according to Military Times. 

Although Hagel admitted the $37 billion reduction in the 2013 budget, along with the mandated $500 billion in cuts over the next 10 years, will pose challenges, he says that trimming spending is necessary. However, he said that the cuts need to be made wisely so as not to compromise American security. After the cuts are made, Hagel expects the military to be better for it because it will create a more efficient force.

"I expect these cuts to not only save us money, significant money, but also to result in organizations that are more effective and efficient, as well as more agile and versatile," he told the gathered crowd. "However, DoD will not be able to meet its budgetary savings requirements just through more efficient operations and headquarters reductions. It will require far more."

The smart cuts have recently been on display. Hagel's speech came days after the Air Force resumed training flights for about one-third of its planes, which had been grounded due to sequestration. However, after 'reprogramming' funds, the jets took to the sky once again, according to The Associated Press.