With uncertainty surrounding the Pentagon budget, many veterans may be unsure of what will happen to their benefits. However, the House of Representatives recently voted to ensure vets will see a cost of living adjustment (COLA) to disability and survivor benefits.

The bill passed unanimously and has become somewhat of a formality over the years. What's interesting, however, is that while COLA is required by law for payouts such as Social Security and federal civilian retirement pay, such changes for veterans benefits have to be passed by Congress each year, according to Military Times.

Though it's not certain, vets can likely expect to see a 1.3 to 1.9 percent increase in benefits starting December 1. In the past, Congress has waited until November to pass the legislation, but things were different this time around.

"By acting on the yearly COLA this summer instead of waiting until the last minute, we tell America's veterans that we remain dedicated to ensuring that they are given the benefits they were promised when they signed up to serve," Rep. Jon Runyan said in a statement.