President Obama recently signed legislation granting death benefits to the families of fallen soldiers killed during combat, bringing some relief to the military community. The bill passed the House of Representatives in an unanimous vote earlier in the week, MSNBC reported. 

The legislation came after news spread that the federal shutdown left military families without death gratuity benefits – a tax-exempt $100,000 cash payment wired to the surviving families within 36 hours of a soldier's death while on active-duty or during training. The payment acts as transitional benefits for military families, covering the cost of transportation, funeral services and other financial needs. 

Fisher House Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to providing medical care for servicemembers and veterans, donated its own funds to the 26 families of fallen soldiers that were unable to receive the death gratuity benefits because of the shutdown. However, the Defense Department announced in a statement that it will reimburse the organization once the shutdown ends. 

While many members of the military community, including Iraq War veteran Rep. Tammy Duckworth, expressed their appreciation of the law, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said in a press conference that the legislation was nonessential, according to the news source.