As the Pentagon looks for areas to cut costs, one aspect of the Armed Forces will see growth in the coming years. Special operations forces are expected to receive a greater focus as the Department of Defense looks to streamline how it responds to threats around the globe, The Fayetteville Observer reports.

The focus on special operations forces comes as the military looks for ways to reduce its spending while still maintaining its strength in the geopolitical world. Some analysts say it's a good idea, especially since special operations troops are trained to be smaller, more agile and can respond to a wide variety of threats, from hunting terrorists to providing training to troops from other countries overseas. In addition to growing funding for special operations forces, the Pentagon will also place an emphasis on improving cyber warfare defense.

"We are increasing our funding for cyber, even in this environment," Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter told the newspaper. "Same for electronic warfare, and electronic protection – very important field."

The plans will likely come as good news to advocates for reducing defense spending, including Joint Chiefs Chairman Martin Dempsey, who recently said having an oversized military is not prudent if the U.S. economy is struggling, according to The Hill.