Between having to manage rides to school with just one parent or shifting some of the household duties around, it's no secret deployment can have a significant impact on the lives of miltiary families. In an effort to help out some members of the White Lake Township, Michigan, community Home Depot is lending a hand, the Detroit Free Press reports.

The do-it-yourself giant recently reached out to Melanie Prapotnik, whose husband Joseph deployed to Afghanistan earlier this year. Before he left, he had been working on remodeling their home, but since then his project has gone unfinished. As a result, Prapotnik and her daughter have been left with a home that has a host of issues.

Recognizing the challenges of military life, a Farmington Hills Home Depot sent 25 volunteers to help finish the project that Joseph Prapotnik had started before he was deployed. The move is just one of the latest by Home Depot, which has long exhibited support for veterans. While the company provides the services free of charge, Prapotnik still plans to send the flag he flew in Afghanistan as a sign of his appreciation. 

"We don't expect anything in return," store manager Dennis Sanders told the newspaper. "This is part of Home Depot's culture. But for her and her husband to do that, it's amazing."

Working on Prapotnik's house continues the tradition of the Home Depot Foundation. In 2011, the organization worked on nearly 500 projects across the country.