With a number of military installations including Fort Carson and Peterson Air Force Base, the Colorado Springs area is home to many military families. On top of the normal challenges they face, area residents are now grappling with devastating wildfires that have struck the area. Operation Homefront is encouraging others to help.

The non-profit group, which is a fierce advocate for military families, is calling on the country's civilians to assist those affected by the wildfires, which have been raging for well over a week. Additionally, the organization is working with local emergency officials and first responders to help provide aid.

"Most of the needs will become apparent over the coming days and weeks as these families rebuild their lives." said Jim Knotts, president & CEO of Operation Homefront. "We rely on the generosity of the American people to help military families every day, but this is an especially urgent call to help those threatened by the fires."

At the height of the blaze, around 32,000 people from the area were ordered to evacuate. Although all but 3,000 have been allowed to return home, the damage is significant. According to CNN, around 350 homes have been destroyed and countless other residents have been affected.