Inspired by a man who turned a red paper clip into a new house through a series of trades, a young Massachusetts boy set out to do much the same thing, but he wasn't doing it for himself. Brendan Haas, 9, traded a toy soldier up to a trip to Disney World and donated it to the family of a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan, according to NBC affiliate WHDH reports.

Haas accomplished his impressive feat after setting up a Soldier for a Soldier Facebook page with the help of his mother. Not only did their ambitious project earn them a free trip to Disney (including airfare and a stay at a hotel) but it also amassed $900 in Disney gift certificates. Then, on Memorial Day, he donated the trip and gift certificates to the family of Army Lt. Timothy Steele.

"I think it would make them a lot happier," Brendan told the news channel.

Haas' contribution was one of many on Memorial Day that helped military families. In Tennessee, AT&T donated more than 1,200 pre-paid calling cards to help military families who may be separated this year stay in touch.