The National Guard is one of the more vital resources available to states and municipalities when going through some form of disaster, including riots, earthquakes and more. As a result, the National Guard has been more heavily engaged in training exercises that simulate some of the worst case scenarios imaginable, preparing the service members to respond with comfort and experience should devastating events come to pass. 

In Washington State, the National Guard went through some more significant training routines this month, while other states have been conducting their own exercises that target more realistic disasters. 

"The Washington National Guard hosted earthquake drills."

Cascadia Rising drills
Q13, a Washington-based Fox affiliate, recently reported that the Washington National Guard went through exercises called the "Cascadia Rising drills," which were meant to simulate what would happen should a major fault line slip in the coming years. According to the news provider, the fault runs from Canada to Northern California, and scientists at the Federal Emergency Management Agency have predicted that a slip would translate to a doomsday-like scenario. 

"When the Cascadia Subduction Zone does rupture, it will result in a catastrophe like nothing we have ever seen," Washington National Guard Head Major Gen. Bret Daugherty told Q13. "It's expected to be the worst natural disaster ever in the United States."

With Washington smack dab in the middle of the Cascadia Subduction Zone, it is not surprising that that state has taken its preparedness exercises and training regimens more seriously. The source pointed out that the service members dropped supplies, paratroopers parachuted down, and medical centers were created during the exercises. Although there is no sign to indicate that the Cascadia Subduction Zone is going to become active, preparing for the worst is one of the key responsibilities of National Guard service members. 

To give an idea of the scale this disaster would reach, Q13 cited a report from FEMA that estimated 8,400 deaths, 12,000 injuries, 90,000 hospital patients in need of evacuation and half a million buildings damaged. One can only hope that this rupture never comes to pass but, should it, the National Guard in Washington will be ready to respond. 

The Washington National Guard conducted large-scale earthquake preparedness training. The Washington National Guard conducted large-scale earthquake preparedness training.

North Carolina playing point guard
Carolina Coast Online reported that the National Guard in North Carolina is conducting tests at several port facilities in the state this week to specifically test communication, collaboration and coordination between itself and other entities. Because the National Guard will utilize resources from a range of agencies, including those on the local and federal levels, communication is key in responding to major developments and disasters. 

According to the source, the North Carolina Emergency Management eastern brand, New Hanover County Sheriff's Office, State Crime Lab, Wilmington Police Department, New Hanover County Emergency Management and other departments will be joining the state's National Guard exercises in Morehead City and Wilmington for about eight days. Preparedness is key in the fight to quickly respond to disasters, and the National Guard is ready.