Advancements in technology have made cars safer than ever, and while that's good news for passengers, it has made life a bit more difficult for first responders. Emergency responders today face a host of issues those of years past may not have encountered and it could make performing their job more of a challenge, USA Today reports.

There are many unknowns associated with today's newest cars. For instance, firefighters may have to contend with electrical wires in hybird cars or power through newer, stronger steel. As a result, first responders may not be able to extract accident victims as quickly as they once before had.

"The vehicles of today are much more difficult to extricate (people from) than the vehicles of yesterday," David Kang, a firefighter and paramedic for the Orange County Fire Authority, told the publication. "We have to get more surgical."

Still, firefighters are not without their resources, and many responders have been given the newest vehicles so they can be better prepared to meet the unforeseen challenges. However, one car that has proven to be especially difficult is the Chevrolet Volt.

The Volt is an all-electric car, and earlier this year the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration investigated whether there was an increased fire risk when it was involved in a serious accident.