As election day approaches, a federally-sponsored program aimed at helping wounded veterans vote more easily is moving forward. Known as Making Voting More Accessible for Veterans with Disabilities, the program is eyeing the use of innovative technology to make sure servicemembers can cast their ballot, Medill News Service reports.

While civilians might not encounter obstacles in voting, there are some challenges for veterans with injuries. Everything from vision and hearing loss to emotional distress and amputations can make it difficult. Among the solutions being considered is providing injured veterans with a web-based ballot if they have trouble accessing paper ones.

Changes may also make it easier for soldiers to vote at facilities operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). There has been a call for the VA to work with state and local officials to create a uniform policy.

"The veterans come back with injuries that last [a] lifetime, but that does not mean they cannot become productive citizens," Rep. Ron Barber told the news source.

The need to offer easy access to voting will be especially great this November, as many wounded warriors have come home since the last presidential election in 2008.