Both deployment to and returning from overseas can put a great deal of stress on servicemembers and their families. Both transitions are difficult, but thanks to the Army Reserve Yellow Ribbon Program,the process may be a bit easier, reports.

The program was born out of the National Defense Authorization Act more than five years ago and has been viewed as a considerable success. The training addresses many common obstacles faced by members of the community including combat stress, employment assistance and overcoming marital issues. Under Secretary of the Army Joseph W. Westphal recently paid a visit to an event in St. Louis, Missouri, to honor the work of Reserve officials.

"The Yellow Ribbon Program is testament to this never-ending commitment to our Soldiers and their families," he told the crowd, according to the website. "I applaud the contributions of the U.S. Army Reserve and thank you for your critical role as we reshape the Army of 2020."

The Yellow Ribbon Program is one of several initiatives aimed at smoothing the transition from combat to civilian roles. Among the most significant efforts is the Department of Defense's Transition Assistance Program, which is designed to help veterans find employment.