Sometimes when veterans return home, they may not have a house to come back to. This remains a growing problem across the U.S., as the National Coalition of Homeless Veterans reports there are more than 67,000 veterans without a home on any given night. The news provider also reports that about one-fifth of the homeless population is veterans.

Certain cities are doing everything they can to ensure as many veterans are off the street as possible. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the city's mayor Ed Lee promised back in June that his administration would find homes for 50 homeless veterans who had federal vouchers but still could not convince landlords to rent to them.

According to the news provider, since the mayor made his pledge, 54 veterans have found places to live.  The waiting time between receiving a voucher and finding a home has drastically reduced. Previously, the the average waiting time was 270 days – the figure currently rests at 83 days.