A new study found that adolescents who have a history of delinquent behavior are more attracted to the military than their rule-following peers. However, the report claimed that this is not necessarily a negative result. 

According to Popular Science, the study's authors stated that the military can help delinquent teens transition into adulthood.

"Even though other markers of the transition to adulthood are available, such as marriage or employment in the civilian labor force, military service may be more attractive to delinquents," the study's authors said, as quoted by the news source. "The military is an environment in which aggression and violence often associated with delinquency can be channeled into legitimate forms."

The researchers also found that the military attracted both male and female delinquents. While males were 40 percent more likely to enlist than men who never engaged in delinquent behavior, female delinquents were 80 percent more likely to join. To measure delinquency, the researchers used an index that took into account stealing property, running away from home, selling drugs and getting arrested.

The military receives more than 180,000 new recruits every year, according to