Few people understand the challenges faced by wounded warriors more than their fellow servicemembers, and a group of 15 stationed at Afghanistan's Camp Leatherneck is supporting them in a unique way. The troops are planning to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project by symbolically climbing Mount Everest through pull ups, Stars and Stripes reports.

The plan is to "climb" 2 feet for every pull up completed. That means each member will have to do about 1,000 pull ups to reach the 29,030-foot summit. Marine Chief Warrant Officer Aaron McKee was among those who spearheaded the unique fundraising effort. He and 14 others got the idea after they began meeting for nightly pull up workouts. McKee says the initiative is especially important given how close the issue is to all of those participating.

"We all know Marines who have been killed or wounded during the last 12 years of combat operations," McKee told the news source. "We've survived unharmed for numerous tours, and this was a way for us to help our brothers and sisters in arms. We haven't forgotten them."

The Wounded Warrior Project is certainly a worthwhile cause for the troops to support. The organization has helped injured troops transition to civilian life after leaving the service. In fact, about 85 percent of servicemembers who found jobs thanks to the organization are in the same position two years later.