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For those who make the ultimate sacrifice

As a unique member benefit, the Armed Forces Benefit Association (AFBA) is proud to offer families of eligible fallen members the Charles C. Blanton AFBA Family Survivor College Scholarship. Surviving spouse and children are eligible for $10,000 per year, up to a total maximum benefit for the entire family of $40,000 toward an undergraduate degree. Available in all states except New York. In Virginia, only available to First Responders.

Scholarship Guidelines

AFBA established the Charles C. Blanton AFBA Family Survivor College Scholarship program in 2004. It is designed to provide undergraduate tuition and academic fees assistance for families of AFBA members.

  • First Responders who die while involved in operations going to, coming from, or at the scene of an incident.
  • Members who die in a combat zone as a result of combat action or by U.S. Government recognized acts of foreign or domestic terrorism.

How the Scholarship Works

Once the spouse or dependent child is enrolled in an accredited undergraduate college or university as a full-time student, working toward a degree, AFBA remits payment for one enrollment period’s tuition and academic fees directly to the institution. Upon verification of continuing enrollment, AFBA pays the next enrollment period’s tuition and academic fees, again, directly to the institution.

  • Spouse – eligible for 10 years from the date of member’s death.
  • Dependent children – eligible for 10 years from the date of high school graduation or upon reaching age 26 (whichever occurs first).
  • An undergraduate educational scholarship that covers tuition and fees.
  • May be allocated between the spouse and dependent children.
  • Limited to $10,000 per year for the entire family with a maximum scholarship of $40,000.

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