Now that the unemployment rate has been declining the past few years, there's high hope for those attaining a job after serving in the military. But how do you figure out what job is suitable for your particular skills and experience? If you're a veteran trying to figure out what career path to follow, you've come to the right place. recently compiled data revealing what companies and industries are seeking veterans as top candidates for certain positions.

Veterans should consider the following five professions while transitioning from life in the military to the workforce.

1. Physical therapist
Physical therapists assist people who are recovering from injuries and going through treatment, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This job is ideal for veterans who have previous experience helping people overseas, Forbes stated. If you have a degree or training in this profession, it can be applied to life after the military. The same goes for those who practiced nursing while serving abroad.

2. Financial advisor
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that a financial advisor gives advice on all things related to finances including house mortgages and retirement plans. Forbes noted that veterans can be highly successful in this position especially when it comes to giving advice to others in the veteran community.  

3. Translator / Interpreter
Having the ability to speak another language is a highly valuable asset in today's job market. Because veterans are stationed all over the world, they have to learn how to communicate with people in other countries. Many companies are seeking people with this skill and this may be a veteran's strong suit, according to Forbes. 

4. Human resources manager
Many veterans thrive as human resources managers because of the leadership skills they possess, which is strongly expected within this position. To be a human resources manager, you are responsible for taking charge and managing a company, the source stated. Responsibilities include interviewing and hiring new employees. said a veteran holding this position may be able to recruit other veterans.

5. Information security analyst
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said there's a need for protection against cyber attacks, which have become prevalent recently. An information security analyst has the responsibility to provide security for organizations. Because these attacks are on the rise, free training is being offered to veterans interested in pursuing a career in this technological field, Forbes stated.