Many veterans come home from service with injuries both apparent and invisible, and need a lot of help to deal with the rigors of everyday life as a result. Fortunately, there are organizations and volunteers who are there to help.

Indeed, a group of dozens of volunteers recently came together to create a new entrance to a Florida facility that helps veterans with severe brain injuries, so that the building could be wheelchair-accessible, according to a report from St. Petersburg television station Fox 13. At ABILHouse, veterans can learn to cook for themselves, use computers to search for jobs, and do other practical tasks that will help them in their daily lives.

"We have staff on site that can do counseling, help them with resume writing, career counseling, that kind of thing," said Diane Duncan, director of Service Source. "It's just a nice stepping stone. Instead of just going out and finding a job, they have more of a safety net here."

The more that veterans dealing with any number of difficulties in their lives can do to ensure they're in good shape and have the help they need, the better. There are, fortunately, many organizations that exist to help them on their journeys, and often all they have to do is reach out.