Many wounded warriors find it difficult to return to their previous levels of activity, and this can be especially challenging for servicemember​s who were used to spending time outdoors before their injury. One base in particular has taken steps to help them out. Alabama's Fort Rucker recently added a new boat to its ranks dubbed The Warrior, which is specially designed to help bring wounded troops out on the water, reports the Army Flier.

Officials at the installation made the decision to purchase the boat after hearing how wounded troops wanted more opportunities for outdoor recreation. The boat includes a number of features that make it easy for injured soldiers to get on and off, such as a wheelchair ramp and locking system. It also features specialized controls and a remote controlled anchor. Wounded warriors can use the boat for everything from a day on the water with the family to water sports such as tubing. Organizers hope the purchase will encourage others to follow suit.

"I just hope these recreational enhancements will bring the local communities closer together to support the wounded warriors and their families," John Clancy, the manager of Fort Rucker's Outdoor Recreation program, told the news source.

Clancy raises an important point given the number of injured servicemembers. According to Department of Defense statistics, more than 50,000 troops have been wounded in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.