As the government shutdown looms closer, the defense department is preparing for the worst.

Although servicemembers are exempt from government furloughs, military members will be working for free if Congress fails to pass its budget for the 2014 fiscal year, according to Business Insider. In the case of a government shutdown, servicemembers will have to wait for retroactive pay once the shutdown comes to a close. 

However, some military banks will reportedly pay the troops through other means. The news source reports that the Navy Federal Credit Union will provide servicemembers with their scheduled Oct. 15 paycheck as long as the money is deposited directly into their accounts. According to the bank's website, this option is available to all active-duty members of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Members must sign-up for the direct deposit prior to Oct. 9. 

The Navy Federal Credit Union is not the only military bank providing assistance to at-risk servicemembers. The USAA is extending several benefits to active-duty troops, including a zero-interest payroll advance, while also remaining flexible with credit card and insurance fee payments, the news source reports. 

Veteran benefits will not be affected by the possible government shutdown.