Local police squads will now be equipped with vehicles armed with bullet-proof glass and gun turrets, courtesy of the Defense Department.

According to The Associated Press, fighting vehicles that were used during the Iraq War are being given to police forces across the country through a national military surplus program.

"It's armored. It's heavy. It's intimidating. And it's free," Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple told the news source. Albany is one of five county sheriff's departments receiving the vehicles in the state of New York.

While the trucks might be free – and military-grade – the news outlet stated that they can also cause some issues for the local police forces. Coming in at 18 tons, the $500,000 vehicles only get about five miles to a gallon and might be too large to travel on commercial roads. In some cases, that can make them nearly inoperable. Despite these setbacks, many local police agencies are excited for their new arrivals.

Dallas County Sheriff's Department Spokeswoman Carmen Castro recently told The Blaze that the recent addition of its $600,000 armored truck will boost the department's readiness and safety. The Dallas Observer added that the sheriff's department new International MaxxPro MRAP  was not used in overseas combat, but in stateside training exercises.