Cybersecurity is a constant point of discussion in the private and public sectors, and is even beginning to be a more prominent concern among consumers given the magnitude of identity theft's spread in the past few years. The military has been entrenched in cyber warfare for years now, and is working to enhance its defenses through investments in more advanced technologies and service member professional development. 

Many experts and distinguished generals have argued that cyberspace is indeed the battleground of the modern landscape, and these assertions are validated when looking at how frequently the government is attacked by hackers. Two new programs launched by the National Guard are showing just how much stock is being placed in cybersecurity within the military today, and both could positively impact the veteran job market as well. 

Big move in Maryland
The Baltimore Sun recently reported that the Maryland National Guard will participate in one of the more complex cybersecurity tests around, and the troops therein will be the first to be involved in such a project. According to the news provider, this international simulation brings some of the world's greatest hackers and various military entities together in a faux computer attack, with the former group throwing everything it has at the system's defenses. 

Cybersecurity is a major talking point in the National Guard. Cybersecurity is a major talking point in the National Guard.

The military groups involved will attempt to protect the networks from the hackers throughout the simulation, and are chosen by NATO officials. Interestingly, the source pointed out that the U.S. Department of Defense has already launched initiatives to train a large number of active service members across the military in cybersecurity, and the National Guard appears to be the branch standing in the spotlight of such ventures at the moment. 

Given the fact that cybersecurity skills are among the most sought-after abilities in the job market today, such programs to help defend the nation's digital assets can easily translate into stronger employment rates in the veteran community down the line. 

New class offered
The International Society of Automation recently announced that it would be providing National Guard troops based in Indiana with cybersecurity training. This nonprofit is among the leading names in cybersecurity training, and estimates 900 service members from across the country and hailing from the Navy, Marines and other wings will participate in this particular event. 

Cybersecurity will remain a hot topic in government, military and business for the foreseeable future, and these types of programs are likely to scale up as a result.