While many organizations exist to help veterans get access to more military benefits, some still struggle to get all the assistance they need. To that end, one university in Virginia is taking an extra step to help former service members access the health care they need.

Old Dominion University in Norfolk will soon hold its first Health Fair for Veterans, where it will provide many different types of health care, according to a report from Norfolk television station ABC 13. That includes general physical, women's, and mental health services, as well as access to specialists in the fields of podiatry, vision, hearing, dentistry, and even chiropractors.

In addition, there will also be workers from nonprofits and local organizations who can help veterans get other kinds of assistance, including advice when trying to claim outstanding military benefits, the report said. This kind of help is also available for families of veterans.

Veterans should always try to be on the lookout for these kinds of events and programs, as they provide much-needed guidance that can improve the daily life of any former service member.