In addition to the problems directly related to veteran homelessness, many other former servicemembers deal with their own housing issues as well. However, more municipalities are starting to take action to prevent these problems, including Baltimore County, Maryland.

Indeed, the Baltimore County Council unanimously passed a bill last week which will make it easier for veterans to get the housing options they may desperately need, according to a report from Baltimore television station WBAL. Specifically, the law prevents landlords from discriminating against would-be tenants for being veterans, and in fact allows other landlords to list properties as being for veterans only.

"As vets return home, they face enormous challenges in their transition to civilian life," Councilman Todd Crandell said, according to the station. "Veteran's Affairs benefits are stretched thin, so the challenges to assist our heroes fall on the shoulders of nonprofit groups who help with issues such as adjustment to the civilian workforce, combat-related disabilities. Housing is largely unaddressed by these veterans organizations or the VA itself."

The hope is that these types of efforts go a long way toward getting more veterans into stable housing situations that are going to benefit them in the long term, and help end the problem of veteran homelessness once and for all.