Support for the sales of agricultural products grown locally by U.S. military veterans turned farmers is all made possible in the state of Indiana thanks to the Indiana Grown program's Homegrown by Heroes initiative. 

Indiana Grown was implemented a year ago as a way to raise awareness and increase sales for products grown by local farmers in Indiana. Homegrown by Heroes, founded in 2013, helps to assist farmers, who once served in the U.S. military. It enables the products to display a familiarized branded logo that enables consumers to see that the products were produced locally by these veterans. Some of the individuals who were a part of this initiative were veterans. To go even further in supporting local veteran farmers, Homegrown by Heroes officially became a part of Indian Grown's program on Monday Feb. 29, according to This exciting news was announced by state officials at the War Memorial, located in Indiana's capital. Several qualified veterans have already applied and been accepted into the program, which will enable them to be able to use the Homegrown by Heroes logos to promote their products.

"It supports local farmers, and it helps support veterans," Glen Hile, a beekeeper who served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, said to

Having the Homegrown by Heroes program on board with the state of Indiana is extremely comforting for veterans trying to make a living after serving in the military. Homegrown by Heroes gives veterans an opportunity at a successful career. It can be challenging trying to find a job after serving in the military, but with this initiative, veterans have the support they need to take on their own business. With the access to labels and signs displaying the Homegrown by Heroes logo that veteran farmers can place on the goods, their products can stand out among other competitors. Because Homegrown by Heroes has become recognized on a larger scale nationally throughout the years, having this brand awareness associated with products can help tremendously with sales.

Indiana is now one of the eight states that is associated with the Homegrown by Heroes initiative,through the Department of Agriculture. Other states include Kentucky, Louisiana, Illinois, South Carolina, Arkansas, Pennsylvania and Ohio.