The care veterans receive after their service has been discussed a lot lately, and now more officials at both the state and federal levels are trying to see if they can do more to improve it.

Illinois state Sen. Sue Rezin, a Republican representing Morris, recently visited the Illinois Veterans Home in La Salle with Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs director Erica Jeffries. They assessed the quality of the facility and the care former servicemembers living there receive, according to a report from the Ottawa Daily Times. There, Rezin and Jeffries spoke with veterans and staffers to see what issues they are most concerned with these days, and if there is anything they can do to help.

"It is good that there are those who pay attention to my concerns and that we get to express our opinions on certain matters," 77-year-old Army veteran Albert Latimer, who lives at the facility, told the newspaper.

The more government officials, elected and otherwise, can do to help veterans in a number of ways based on issues that are important to them, the better off those former servicemembers will be going forward.