After they get out of the service, many veterans turn to different kinds of entrepreneurship as a means of making a living. Often, these efforts go quite well, but sometimes they might need a hand, and that's where a new government program in Indiana comes in.

The state recently launched its Indiana Grown Homegrown by Heroes, as a means of promoting agricultural businesses run by veterans throughout the state, according to a report from the Associated Press. Altogether, about 15 veteran-run businesses are already part of the program, which will spread out more in the future.

"It supports local farmers, and it helps support veterans," Glenn Hile, a Marine Corps Reserves veteran and beekeeper who was one of the first to sign up, told the news organization. "I just think it is a great idea."

Programs such as these, as well as veteran-focused organizations, often go a long way toward helping veterans get back on their feet and find success in civilian life. As such, they are worthwhile investments both privately and publicly, and can help former servicemembers in a number of ways.