Universities have been actively working to support veterans through a range of educational programs and specialized training initiatives, but these types of ventures are far from the only ones launched by higher education facilities. Rather, some are looking to make an impact on the veteran community by honoring servicemembers in more unique ways, including one in Mississippi that just announced a new project.

WTVA reported that the Northeast Mississippi Junior College, or NEMCC, has announced that it will recognize veterans through the development of a new memorial statue placed on its campus. Interestingly, this particular college has a history with veterans, in that it was largely built by veterans of World War II as they returned stateside from combat in the 1940s.

"We're calling it our Veteran's Memorial Campaign Project," Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Executive Director at the school's Alumni Association Patrick Eaton explained. "Each gift of $100 or more will be displayed in a marker recognizing your partnership with this campaign project. It is our privilege and honor to be a part of this project that will forever change Northeast campus. Our goal is $30,000."

The source noted that individuals who are interested in donating to this project can do so by visiting the school's website.

Other instances of universities and colleges working to recognize veterans can be found across the country, with schools like Arizona State University and Brown University holding special events on an annual basis. In Brown University's case, the school regularly holds a ceremony that brings together servicemembers and veterans alike, as well as the community that supports them, throughout the campus and neighboring city. 

A combination of events that honor veterans and programs to improve education among servicemembers has made universities strong supporters of the community.