One of the big issues that many veterans often face in their daily lives is that they might not have the means to get to all their appointments, especially when it comes to doctor's visits. Now, thanks to the VA, that won't be a problem for veterans living north of Dallas.

The VA just gave a van worth $100,000 to the Sam Rayborn Memorial Veteran's Center in Bonham, Texas – about 90 minutes outside Dallas – to help shuttle veterans to their medical appointments, according to a report from the Durant Democrat. The van will pick veterans up at their homes as many as five days per week, providing crucial access to medical care for those who may desperately need it.

"We are tickled that we have this van now," Don Pappin, a veteran who served in three separate branches of the military and now works to get veterans transportation just like this, told the newspaper. "We've already got an individual we are supposed to pick up in Bennington tomorrow."

The more that can be done to help veterans in the course of their daily lives, the better off those lives are going to be in the future.