Defense officials announced this week that active-duty troops can expect a 5 percent increase in their basic allowance for housing rates in 2014. The raise marks the biggest housing allowance increase since 2008, according to Military Times.

The increase will add about $80 on average to a servicemember's housing paycheck. While the basic allowance for housing rates vary from region to region, the Department of Defense blog stated that servicemembers will not see a decrease in their basic allowance for housing even if the rates in their region lowered. All servicemembers, especially those who are in a long-term lease or contract, are covered by rate protection. 

Although active-duty servicemembers will receive a higher housing allowance in 2014, the housing entitlement, as well as other military benefits, might be cut by the Defense Department and Congress for the 2015 fiscal year. However, no decisions on the cuts to basic allowance for housing have been made. 

"Any changes to BAH proposed in the upcoming budget submission would not affect BAH rates this year for service members," Lt. Cmdr Nate Christensen, a Pentagon spokesman, told the news source. "No final decisions have been made regarding BAH rates for 2015 and beyond."