They say blood is thicker than water but in order to see how strong familial bonds can be, look no further than the Wilkerson twins.

Staff Sgts. Eric and Jason Wilkerson are currently stationed at Afghanistan's Bagram Air Base. This marks the brothers' first tour of duty in the country, but they're far from inexperienced. As the Defense Video & Imagery System reports, this marks the fourth consecutive time that the Wilkerson twins have been deployed to combat zones together, making life after service seem much like business as usual on the home front.

"It doesn't bother us," Jason said of the twins' multiple deployments. "We've stayed together and learned many things together, so we like it."

From their first tour in 2004 to their current one in Afghanistan, the Wilkerson twins have served at Camp Cook in Iraq and twice in Kuwait. They are both trained as Heavy Equipment Operators, or 88Ms, driving gun trucks and convoys across battlegrounds.

The Wilkersons join a long list of military siblings that served, enlisted or retired together, especially in recent years. In 2013, the DOD highlighted a pair of sisters who also deployed to Bagram Air Base together.