The University of Southern California's Sol Price School of Public Policy held a conference this week to highlight the pertinent issues affecting servicemembers who are returning from war and attempting to enter into the workforce. According to the Daily Trojan, veteran homelessness, high unemployment rates and were among the topics discussed. 

In his opening speech, Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and current USC professor Gen. David Petraeus emphasized that veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan need the nation's support, the news source reported. 

"The post-9/11 veterans have come to be deservedly recognized as the new greatest generation," Petraeus said. "While our country continues to provide support for our veterans and their families, we can and we should do more, and I know that those here share that conviction."

President and co-founder of Team Rubicon Jacob Wood, who is also a former Marine, was a keynote speaker at the event, along with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. Garcetti focused on Angeleno veterans and how the city's VA office is not doing enough to assist them with their benefits. The mayor told the audience that veterans in Los Angeles wait an average 377 days for a response from the VA office.

He also suggested that USC students can become more involved in aiding veterans by reaching out through hotlines and other resources.