As part of the federal government's Open Data Initiatives project, the Department of Veterans Affairs debuted new applications on its website this week that provide visitors with greater accessibility of VA resources.

According to Information Week, visitors to the website will now have access to complete information of VA facilities nationwide, including medical centers and mobile clinics. A full list of health care, employment assistance, housing and other military benefits for homeless veterans is also available, as well as a complete database on services and resources, including specific forms of compensation for family caregivers of veterans.

Overall, there are 171 VA datasets now open to the public, the news source reported. Much of this information will be used by web designers developing mobile apps for veterans, as well as researchers, entrepreneurs and others looking to expand their knowledge. 

President Barack Obama established the Open Data Policy through an executive order in May 2013 as a way to enhance transparency among the various federal departments and the American people. According to The White House blog, the policy builds upon the data program launched by the administration in 2009, which established an online hub for all federal government data.