Even lifelong football fans may never get the chance to meet with some of their favorite players, but a group of servicemember​s were recently given the opportunity to visit Washington Redskins training camp. The group of about 50 troops from Fort Lee not only toured The Bon Secours Training Facility, but they also met face-to-face with the likes of star quarterback Robert Griffin III and London Fletcher, the Army's official website reports.

The meet-and-greet not only had an impact on visitors, but several Redskins players know the challenges facing the military community. Both of Griffin's parents were Army sergeants when he was born and he spent much of his young life moving around, spending time in Japan, Washington, Louisiana and finally Texas. Wide receiver Josh Morgan also has close ties to the military – his mother and uncles served in the Navy and Army.

"People who don't have the connection don't know what they [military members] really go through; the effect that it has on them," he told reporters "Just like a lot of people who don't have connections with those who play sports; they don't really know how hard it is to do what we do. It's that respect level; you don't know it unless you go through it."

The NFL and Armed Forces have long had close ties. In fact, a number of players spent time in the military including former Denver Broncos running back Mike Anderson and Pro Bowl linebacker Kevin Greene, who spent 16 years in the reserves.