Welcome back! Many veterans struggle with the idea of finding a job after they leave military service. Part 1 discussed two programs that were created to assist veterans in finding a successful career. Here are two more job services for former servicemembers.

The National Veterans Foundation wasn’t established with the purpose of helping veterans find employment, but now that’s one of their missions. This organization believes that employment is crucial in the reintegration of military members into civilian life. On their website,, they have a job board where veterans can look for open positions that may interest them. Additionally, employers looking to hire veterans can post jobs on the site.

The National Veterans’ Training Institute is a Denver-based program with a national mission to find jobs for veterans. The NVTI offers skills training and vocational education for former military servicemembers. It provides assistance to veterans looking for quality jobs and long-term careers. The many programs offered by NVTI are designed to teach management skills, job coaching and marketing workplace skills.

Transitioning to civilian life can be a difficult process for veterans. Securing a job doesn’t have to be part of the reintegration struggle thanks to the many programs created to assist veterans with their job search. Thank you for joining us.