With the recent decline of U.S. unemployment, positions across the country have opened up. According to labor experts, employers will continue this hiring push over the next year. Of course, this is good news for job seekers – especially those with military backgrounds.

Veterans in the U.S. are in need of jobs. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, 6.3 percent of all former servicemembers are unemployed. Fortunately, a number of fields suited to veterans are looking to fill positions.

The technology industry continues to boom, which is a good thing for younger veterans. Many who are transitioning into civilian life have valuable computer skills. The human resources industry is also a good destination for recently discharged servicemembers. No industry assigns more value to discipline and leadership. Of course, veterans have always integrated nicely into the medical profession and nursing jobs are nearly always available.

Veterans looking to nab a new position in 2016 should definitely explore these fields. There are plenty of opportunities.