Obama hopes to hire vets as first responders


First responders and soldiers are some of the bravest people in the country, so as President Obama looks to get veterans back to work it makes sense for the two groups to cross paths. Earlier this month, Obama unveiled a plan to hire former soldiers as police and firefighters, according to the American Forces Press Service.

The initiative would be beneficial to multiples parties. For starters, it would help cash-strapped police and fire stations rebuild forces that may have been lost due to budget constraints. It can also help lower the unemployment rate among post-9/11 veterans, which currently stands at about 13.1 percent. Given their experience in the battlefield, soldiers are a good fit for first responder positions.

"They do incredible work. Nobody is more skilled, more precise, more diligent, more disciplined," he told a crowd at an appearance promoting his plan, according to the news source.

The announcement came several days before Obama unveiled his proposed $3.8 trillion budget plan for 2013. In it, he pledged to not only spend $30 billion to modernize schools but an additional $30 billion to help retain first responders, according to CBS.


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